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What is $CBL ?

CherryBlossom token is the "social money" of Niwa and other fun things we are building as a community. It is used to share the revenue made from what we do with our members, to purchase access, content, interactions, event attendance...
Why a token ?
It allows for members to enjoy what we do without paying monthly subscription & credit card payments, direct interaction between members & creators without third parties, it's censorship-resistant, and so on...

See $CBL on Polygonscan
With $CBL, you only need to hold your tokens in your own wallet and that's it ! You're able to browse the content and enjoy the events and everything else we do !

Set up a Metamask Wallet at

A Metamask wallet will allow you to store & manage your $CBL & log in into

Get some USDC

On the crypto exchange / app of your choice that supports Polygon network ( , binance .. ) get some USDC and withdraw it to your Metamask wallet, on the Matic/Polygon network. If you get USDC on Ethereum, you will need to "bridge" it to Polygon and this cost fees.

This is why we have integrated Ramp on, making it easy for you to buy USDC directly on Matic/Polygon network. See "buy usdc" in the Market page.


Visit our Market

Log in at, head to the Market page, and buy $CBL.