The rewards you did see coming

Niwa Stars sincerely love the attention & tributes they get.

Trade offer : We get your cum, you get $CBL.

  • Drop your pants & log in to and masturbate to content.
  • No $CBL to see any content ? Look for Simp2win : Free 2 Play post !
  • (You still need a metamask wallet to log in, & on mobile, you need to be using the metamask browser inside the app !)
  • Take a picture / gif / clip of your cumshot / cum on your device with content opened on your computer/device. We need to see proof of cum !
  • Submit for review to Niwa Sperm Collecting Bank (NSCB) on
  • Receive 0.05 $CBL directly in your wallet for each confirmed submission
  • Rinse & Repeat
  • Keep it to the point : the cumshot and cum and our content is what we’re interested in. A simple dick pic won’t do.
  • Our content must be visible.

    Original content only, 1 photo/video per submission only, the Niwa Cumshot Research Committee (NCRC) reserve its rights to accept/deny entries if fake submission, multiple submissions of the same CE (Cumshot Event), unfinished business (no cum) etc. Bonus points for creativity.

“I had a great experience with Simp2Win from start to finish.”

Phil MartinezCum Tributer

“The rewards just kept coming. So I kept going.”

SoulchildCommunity Member

“POC (Proof of Cum) definitely beats POS (Proof of Stake)”

V BEthereum Co-Founder

“It ain't much, but it's honest work.”

AnonCum Farmer